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The Present

The Present
NRIAM boasts a systematic agricultural platform consisting laboratories, engineering centers, and a field-test base.

In the aspect of laboratories, NRIAM has a Key Lab of National Ministry of Agriculture in Modern Agricultural Equipment, which supervises 6 other specialty key laboratories and 5 agricultural observation and test stations in the same group of disciplines throughout the country, focusing on the key technologies of common interest to agricultural equipment, e.g. the technology and equipment of common interest to seed processing, seeding and planting, field management, and harvesting, the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resource, as well as precision agricultural technology and intelligent equipment.

In the aspect of engineering centers, NRIAM has Southern China Seeds Processing Engineering Center of National Ministry of Agriculture, Jiangsu Provincial Crop Harvesting Engineering Center, Jiangsu Provincial Pesticide Application Engineering Center, and CAAS Agricultural Engineering Center. These centers are dedicated to the research and development as well as the commercialization of the equipment for seed processing, harvesting, and crop protecting.

In the aspect of national modern agricultural technology systems, NRIAM has two mechanical function departments, one for oil rape and the other for peanut, with seven experts in the systems of oil rape, peanut, tea, hemp, sweet potato and edible fungus, respectively., NRIAM is a member of the national science innovation strategic alliances in agricultural equipment, biogas, and hemp industry, a member of the agricultural equipment coordinated innovation center of Jiangsu province, and that of Shandong province as well.

In the aspect of research facilities, NRIAM has a 3,000-m2 pre-production test center, 40 science instruments over ¥100,000 each, .a library over 30,000 books and over 180 academic journals, supporting her innovation..

In the aspect of industrial associations, NRIAM affiliates the Science and Technology Branch of China's Agricultural Mechanization Association, the Rotary Tillage Machinery Branch of China's Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, Jiangsu Province Society of Agricultural Engineering, etc.

NRIAM has the National Quality Supervision and Test Center of Crop Protection Equipment, the Quality Supervision and Test Center of Cleansing and Crop Protection Machinery of National Ministry of Agriculture, the Quality Inspection Center of Tillage Mechanical Products of China Machinery Industry, and the Quality Supervision and Test Center of Tea Processing Equipment of China Machinery Industry. In addition, NRIAM has a National Agricultural Mechanization Training Center, a National Post Doctorial Work Station and a master-degree program in agricultural mechanization engineering.