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International Cooperation

In recent years, under the guideline of ‘master the international development in agricultural machinery through active participation in academic communication to establish in depth cooperation with research projects’, NRIAM has established cooperation relations with organizations from dozens of countries, including the US, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Congo and Ethiopia, etc. In the cooperation with the partners from Europe and North America, NRIAM took an active role in the establishment, as the vice host organization, of‘the branch of Precision Aerial Application of Pesticide of the International Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering’,established the ‘Sino-US Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory’ jointly with the Large Scale Pest Control, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), hosted a series of international academic activities featured by the ‘International Academic Exchange Conferences of Modern Agricultural Aviation’.. NRIAM crew also paid 3-month visits to related institutions in US, Germany, Canada and Peru for academic exchange. Moreover, NRIAM further strengthens her ties with international partners with conducting a number of international cooperation projects funded by the National Foreign Expert Bureau and Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department.

The 3rd International Workshop on Agricultural Aviation

In the cooperation with the partners from Asia, Africa and Latin America, NRIAM hosted a series of Sino-ASEAN cooperation projects and the technology-training project for developing countries funded by National Ministry of Agriculture, thereby, providing agricultural technology training for Southeastern Asian as well as African countries. NRIAM provided specialty seminars for over 10 visiting delegate groups, among which were the ‘training class of Agriculture Management in Developing Countries’ the ‘training class of Rural Economy Reform and Development in African Countries’, etc. The National Ministry of Agriculture even designated an expert from NRIAM on the Chinese Expert Team to Zimbabwe on the mission of aid to Africa.

In the aspect of international communications, delegate groups of senior officials of various organizations visited NRIAM, including the World Bank, the Europe as well as the Asia-Pacific Center of Agricultural Machinery, the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture, the Cuba Ministry of Agriculture, etc.

Experts from European Union

Sino-US Agricultural Aviation Experts

Visitors from Asian Countries

Argentina Counterparts