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Agricultural Mechanization Development Research Centre (AMDRC)



The Center is engaged in the study of agricultural mechanization development strategy, policy and information and meanwhile, undertakes the national agricultural mechanization training job. There are totally 9 people, including 2 researchers, 1 associate researcher, 3 PhDs and 5 Masters. Their specialties cover agricultural economics and management, agricultural machinery design, cropscultivation,communication engineering and computer technology.

Study Achievements Published

Journal of Chinese Agricultural Mechanization

Yearbook of Agricultural Mechanization in China

Major study directions: (1) the theory and policy of agricultural mechanization development; (2) the technical models of agricultural mechanization; (3) agricultural engineering standard system; (4) application of agricultural engineering information technology. Presently the Centre has undertaken the science projects of agricultural mechanization development, agricultural engineering standards, rural development and agricultural machinery information assigned by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Jiangsu Province Government while accept the consulting projects of market analysis and prediction asked by the agricultural machinery industry. Their studies have achieved 2 national science and technology progress prizes and 10 awards at or above the level of Ministries.

Research achievements: in the latest five years the Centre has completed more than 30 projects assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Jiangsu province. More than 30 papers have been published in the journals of ‘Agricultural Economic Issue’, ‘China Rural Economy’, ‘the Journal of Agricultural Engineering’, and ‘Agricultural Technology Economy’. Two special works were published. Those achievements have been adopted in the national agricultural machinery purchasing subsidy policy implementation, the agricultural machinery cross regions operation, the agricultural machinery safety supervision, the establishment of agricultural machinery public service system, the national agricultural mechanization plan and the legislative evaluation on agricultural mechanization promotion law etc.

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