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Special Economic Crops Equipment Engineering Technology Centre (SECEET)



4LMZ-160 Hemp Harvester

At present there are 13 staff, including 3 researcher, 2 associate researchers, 2 assistant researchers, and 6 research interns. Also the Centre has 4 on-the –job postgraduates and 4 visiting professors and researchers working together. Among the staff, three people have the title of national agricultural industry technology system post scientist.

Major study direction: 
1. Tea processing technology and equipment: the mechanization operation technology with high ground clearance, small and simple, seated machines used in tea plantations in plains, hills and mountains, energy saving green tea mechanization, standardized processing technology and related technical standards are included.


2. Long stalks crops including hemp production technology and equipment: The study is carried out of long stalk crops mechanized harvesting technology and equipment, including bast fiber crops, sugarcane and reeds.

3. Edible fungus production technology and equipment: The study covers the smashing technology of agricultural and forestry materials, the treatment technology of waste fungi sticks, the comprehensive utilization technology of mushroom residues, the pocket (bottle) packing technology, the industrial production technology and intelligent monitoring technology.

4. Vegetables production mechanization technology and equipment: The studies include the vegetable precision seed planting, the leaf vegetable harvesting and equipment, the local special vegetable mechanization equipment, the green soybean pods collecting technology and self- propelled harvesting equipment and related technical standards.

5. Biomass briquette technology and equipment: The study focuses on agricultural and forestry waste energy utilization technology, biomass scale use technology, compressing and forming technology of low energy consuming and long life span, and related technical conditions, specifications and standards.

Research achievements: since 2000, there have been 38 research achievements passed evaluation and acceptance check of Jiangsu province and Ministry of agriculture. Various science and technology rewards have come up to 8. There are 60 academic papers published, including 8 papers adopted by EI and ISTP. The patents have been authorized 40 items, including 15 invention patents

Integration Technology and Equipment of Inoculation and Drilling on Fungus Rods

Hot Water Boiler Characterized by Three Stages Combustion of Biomass, Smokeless, Environmental Protection, Energy Saving and Normal Pressure

Straws Cutting and Smashing Combine

High Ground Clearance and Full Hydraulic Multifunctional Tea Plantation Management Machine

Fixed Biomass Briquette Fuel Processing System

Intelligent Measuring and Controlling System

Tealeaf Radiant Heating Dry Equipment

3SL-11 Crawler Multifunctional Tractor Used in Tea Plantation of Mountain Area

Mushroom Residue Granular Fuel Solid Machine