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Crop Protection and Environment Engineering Technology Centre (CPEET)


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The Centre has been focusing on the study of the integrated control of pests, environment protection, the environment control of breeding, the pesticide application standards, the basic theory of atomization mechanism and the development of key parts and complete machine. There are 13 staff at work, of which one researcher, 5 associate researchers and 5 engineers.

The Centre has by own designed and developed the spraying tester of two phases flow, the combined wind turbine sets of natural wind simulation field, the centrifugal fog tester, the dynamic spraying comprehensive performance tester, the microcomputer controlled precision spraying tester, the vertical testing bench for determination of perpendicular distribution of spraying, the helicopter spraying field testing stand,the helicopter rotary wing wind field testing platform, the injection bench for nuclear power station and many other precision instrument and special measuring devices up to 100 sets. In addition, the Centre has developed many equipment with independent intellectual right and domestic leading in technology, such asthe series of high efficiency wide and long shot motorized spraying machine used in rice and tall stalk crops, the controllable fog droplets spraying equipment with wind auxiliary used in forest and orchard, the air and liquid duplex phases normal temperature smoke machine used in facilities agriculture, the intelligent environment control device for facility breeding, the disc copying and targeting spraying equipment used in compact planting orchard and so on.


Since ‘the Ninth Five-Year Plan’, the Centre has undertaken more than 200 various science projects, including 50 national major projects. Totally, more than 30 awards have been won at national and provincial level. The publications include more than 200 academic papers in the core periodicals at home and abroad, plus 9 professional books. More than 30 patents were approved.

The Centre has carried out the explore research in the international frontier disciplines and new fields targeting the precision pesticide application, electrostatic spraying, pesticide drifting, recycling utilization of pesticides, aviation spraying and remote sensing technology etc.

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