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Agricultural Processing Engineering Technology Centre (APETC)


There are more than 30 people working in the Centre. Among them there are 5 researchers, 6 associate researchers, 5 assistants, 2 high technicians. Four people are awarded the title Outstanding Contribution Expert.

A lot of R/D of technology and equipment concerning the seeds processing, underground fruit mechanization, hill and mountainous area mechanization, storage and preservation, agricultural produce (food) drying, fruit and vegetable washing and cleaning, livestock and poultry feeding, organic fertilizers production, radiate processing, seaweed processing, incubation of eggs, slaughter, preserved fruit processing, and clean vegetables processing have been done with many advanced and practical achievements. Southern China Seeds Processing Engineering Centre of Ministry of Agriculture has been set up especially for focusing on the study of agricultural seeds processing technology, the development of related equipment and the engineering planning, design and construction.

The Centre has successively undertaken and completed more than 40 major research projects, developed more than 30 various advanced and practical agricultural equipment, and won more than 20 science and technology awards issued by the Province, the Ministry, the City and the CAAS (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences). More than 200 important academic papers have been published, of which 27 papers were accepted by SCI and EI respectively, and more than 20 papers were rewarded the title of Excellent Paper. 51 patents have been applied (of which there are 21 invention patents) and 30 patents have been approved and authorized the right (including 7 invention patents). Theresearch and development on key technology and equipment of the seeds processing, roots harvesting mechanization, particle materials selecting and processing, and radiate processing have been in the leading position domestically.

4HLJ-8 Groundnut Combine Harvester

4DS-2 Garlic Combine Harvester

4LZ-1.0Q Rice Wheat Combine Harvester

2BHMX-6 Full Stubble Straw Coverage and Non-tilling Groundnut Planter

4LT-A Beet Combine Harvester

FP2500A Organic Fertilizer Turning Over Throwing Machine

Seeds Processing Line in Yancheng City

Seeds Processing Line in Hongze Farm

WDG-5 Microwave Vacuum Freezing Dry Equipment

Freezing Dry Products:Beef, Chicken, Carrot,Apple and Sweet Potatoes etc.