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Agricultural Resources Development and Facilities Agriculture Engineering Technology Centre (ARDFAETC)


This Centre is working in the fields of agricultural wastes resources utilization, facilities agricultural mechanization and agricultural engineering project investment consultation.

Biogas Dry Fermentation House

King of Green House in Ridging Operation

Matrix Block Seedling

In the field of agricultural wastes resources utilization, the study of equipment and technologyfor the energy recovery and organic fertilizer made from crops stalks and livestock and poultry manure is carried out to the purpose of development of agricultural recycling economy and improvement of rural ecological environment. Especially, the development of equipment used in the combine harvesting of cotton stalks and reeds, multi-anaerobic fermentation of dry wastes, and organic fertilizer field dissemination has turned out a batch of important achievements.

In the field of facilities agricultural mechanization, the study of the optimization technology for the facilities structures used in southern China, the facilities seedling nursery mechanization technology, the facilities vegetable field preparation and seedling planting mechanization, and soilless culture is made to meet the requirement of facilities vegetable production scalization and industrialization. The successful and used development results include: plug seedling substrate shaping machine, bowl substrate filling machine, semi-automatic plug seedling planting machinery, green house ridge compound operating machinery powered with the tractor named ‘the king of greenhouse’, and the multi-function electrical garden tractor.

In the field of agricultural engineering project investment consultation, more than 10 planning and research projects, including Jiangsu Yantu Dadi Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Park Project Feasibility Study, and Nanjing Zhongshenda Ecological Park Field Irrigation Design, have been undertaken.

This Centre now has 18 staff, including 2 researchers, 4 associate researchers, and 6 assistants. The research personnel involve some people in two innovation groups referring to biomass converting equipment and planting machinery.The China Vegetable Association Mechanization Branch is attached in the Centre

Film Mulching Operation in Field

Rice Swath Operation

9LF-1000 Stalk Smashing Equipment