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Modern Agricultural Equipment Engineering Technology Centre (MAEETC)


Focusing on the demanding of technology and equipment of field crops cultivation, planting and harvesting and the international frontier of the discipline, MAEETC carries out the study of technical theory and applied technology. The study covers the relations among machinery, soil and corps, the relations among machinery, resources and environment, and agricultural machinery science as well. The specific study directions: technology and equipment used in complete mechanization of rice, rape, maize, and cotton. The conservation technology and equipment, precision and intelligent agriculture are included.

MAEETC has 22 engineering staff in total, of which there are 4 researchers, 7 associate researchers, and 11 middle and junior personnel, including 4 Master instructors, 5 PhDs and 7 Masters. This center has built up a tillage machinery test laboratory with 300 square meters, where equipped with precision seeding test table, fast-shaping device, large in-room soil groove test table and GPS positioning soil sampling system. In addition, the department of facilities and equipment of the national modern rape production technology system, Jiangsu provincial crops harvesting mechanization technology center and Nanjing city small agricultural machinery engineering technology center have been constructed in MAEETC.

MAEETC has researched and developed 8 crop equipment including track/wheel picker thresher, cutter-windrower, combine harvester, compound operation direct seed planter, small seedling transplanter, chain clamp transplanter and small thresher, 5 rice equipment including the rice breeding and sowing equipment, rice precision direct planter, and paddy cultivators, 3 cotton equipment including finger type cotton harvester, seedling transplanter and sprout planter, and 2 water-saving and conservation equipment including the hole-dibble and watering planter and the free-cultivating transplanter. MAEETC has won more than 60 patents, containing 12 invention patents, constituted a plan of rice mechanization 10 years development, an industry standard of rape mechanization, published 4 academic works and more than 100 papers.

2BFM-5 Free Tillage Ferlilizer Seed Planter

2BX-6 Precision Rice Direct Planter

2QB-4G Super-rice Tray Seedling Nursery Planting Equipment

2ZL-2B Rape Seedling Planter Used in Paddy

4HZB-2A Groundnut Thresher

Cotton Combine Harvester

Cotton Stalk Picking-up and Smashing Machine

Free-cultivation Wheat Planter