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Cooperation Network of Research an Academic Institutions in Asia-Pacific Region Established



On April 14, 2017 the regional workshop for research and academic institutions on establishing a cooperation mechanism for human resource development on sustainable agricultural mechanization was hosted commonly by CSAM and NRIAM in Nanjing.  There are 29 participants attended the conference from universities and research institutions of 14 countries as China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Japan, Philippines, Korea, SriLanka , Thailand, Vietnam. Deputy director Zhang Huijie of International Cooperation Department of CAAS and general director Chen Qiaomin of NRIAM made speeches of welcome, director Li Yutong of UN CSAM presented opening remarks and representative Qu sixi of UN WFP delivered an important address.


The workshop was going on two stages. In the first stage, the participants from nine countries as China, India, Japan, SriLanka, Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam made topic speeches, and exchanged the research progress and technology demands of sustainable agricultural mechanization in their countries. In the second stage, the participants conducted discussion deeply on the enhancement of technology exchange and talent training in Asia-Pacific region. It was fully agreed that the Cooperation Network of Research and Academic Institutions on Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization should be established to build the expert bank, technology database, and enterprise library for cooperation and communication in the area of technology innovation dissemination, talent education and training, and equipment testing standards.  Deputy general director Cao Guangqiao of NRIAM and dean Han Lujia of technical institute of China Agriculture University respectively made reports of research development of each institution and key thoughts of further communication and cooperation among the countries in the region.


In the workshop, CSAM and NRIAM were selected as the secretariat of the cooperation network. Later on the two organizations will strengthen cooperation and together build an information platform to share the experience of development, promote the communication among the institutions in Asia-Pacific region and push common development of agricultural mechanization.


During the workshop, participants visited the Ninth Chinese International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Jiangsu Agricultural Expo Park and Liyang Haibin Agricultural Machinery Cooperative.