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Newly developed seed planter



The first 33-rows big intelligent pneumatic seed discharging planter was born domestically. This equipment was successfully developed by the planting machinery research group of Nanjing Research Institute for Agricultural MechanizationNRIAMwith many years of efforts by considering Chinese rice planting pattern characteristics and new requirements of high efficiency, precision and intelligent for seed planters used in large-scale farms. The newly developed seed planter has filled the domestic gap. This equipment is deployed with a new technical solution named as “Unified seed discharging and airflow evenly distribution” to realize one seeder able sowing 33 rows efficiently. The operation width is 8 meters and the productivity reaches 5-7 hectare per hour. Also, the seed planter can work with real-time monitoring of the operation parameters such as clogging of seeds, the leftover seeds, rotating of seeds discharging, moving speed of equipment by means of a visual intelligent control system in self-development. The equipment can be operated by a single person and meet the requirements of high-efficiency operation of big farms and other large-scale business bodies.

                                                                                 33-rows rice seed planter1.jpg